We act as a link between artists, music labels, promoters and other people who are to be expected on a way towards any successful music project. We are the agency made of individuals whose passion is music and we create a unique team which knows in depth all of the needs of artists and the industry. We create a team of people who were (some still are) a part of the music scene. On the other side we consist of experts who are in music and marketing industry for years. We are a team of professionals which stands behind you as a real partner no matter if you are a bend, solo artist or you simply call yourself an artist. Beton Music Agency cooperates with record companies, publishers, promoters and other professionals from the industry and we guarantee that we will help you accomplish your goals and dreams!


Beton Sound Studio is a completely new and modern audio studio and is a part of the Beton Music Agency. Team that works there has a long year foreign experience and they worked on larger and smaller projects. Beton Sound Studio has a knowledge and competence to turn your musical ideas in professional audio results which in every aspect suit highest world standards in their industry. Beton Sound Studio is analog/digital studio which can proudly say that it has good equipment and acoustic environment. Some of the equipment that the studio owns: Api preamps, Neve preamps, Chandler Germanium preamps, Coles ribbon microphones, Neumann microphones, Bayerdinamic microphones, Senheiser microphones, Klein-hummel monitoring, Adam A7 monitoring and many more.


Vanda Winter snimila je novu pjesmu “Divna”

Vanda Winter je snimila spot za novi singl ‘Divna’, pjesma je inače prva suradnja Vande Winter i autora pjesme ‘Divna’, […]

Novi singl benda Solarov – “Treba mi”

Solarov su o singlu rekli: ‘Treba mi’ je tematski intimna i vrlo direkta pjesma. Govori o ljudskom vezanju za svakodnevne […]


Radio Reklama – “PARALEN”

Nova kampanja iz Hysterične kuhinje čuda! Brand: Paralen Partner: Kreativna Poslovna Rješenja Klijent: Oktal Pharma Production & Mix: Beton Music […]

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To become the best music agency in the region.


To create new values through creative thinking and professional approach with which we will enrich music scene in Croatia and Europe.